Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Unique Entertainment Ideas

A wedding is a fabulous opportunity for a couple to add a distinctive touch to their special day. Couples are always striving to add something unique to their nuptials, a takeaway memory for guests to remember long after the day comes to an end. An excellent way to incorporate a special aspect of your wedding is through the use of entertainment at your wedding. Couples can tailor their music, visual displays, and other entertainment in unique ways that represents who they are as a couple.

One such idea is to hire a live artist to capture and paint a memorable part of the wedding, such as the ceremony or couple’s first dance. Pieces of your wedding day are depicted on canvas through an array of beautiful watercolours that brings the moment back to life, as you and your loved one look at the painting years down the road. Memories and events of the day are painted as they unfold, and the canvas is presented to the couple on the same day. Once the painting is completed, you will have it to cherish and treasure for years to come. One of the most talented live artists in the industry is Olga Pankova. She is a gifted, prolific artist who can capture the memories and events of the day, in acrylic paint, on any size canvas. Her paintings are true works of art! Visit her facebook page, check her out on Pinterest, or tweet her at @OlgaZArt. Or take a journey through the striking pieces on her website,

Wedding Video Scavenger Hunt
Bring out the inner kid in your guests by setting up a scavenger hunt using your wedding video! Have items from your video hidden and scattered throughout the venue and appoint your bridal party to be the leaders or information guides in the game. Guests will have a thrill looking for special items that the bride and groom cherished as kids. Make sure that there is an awesome prize waiting for the guest who finishes first!

Reception Dance Lessons for the Guests
Another cool way to spice up entertainment at your reception is to hire a dance instructor to teach your guests a fun and simple dance. The dance can be anything you want – not too hard, and not too lengthy though – and you can even tie it in with your ethnic background to make it special and unique for the event. This is a fun way to get everybody to mingle out on the dance floor, and you can be sure that it will make for lots of laughs and great memories.


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