Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Best Bridal Manicures

HE PUT A RING ON IT... Now what?

It’s your big day and all eyes are on the bride. You want to ensure you look your absolute best and feel great. It’s important to remember even the tiniest of details, which most certainly includes your hands. One thing is for sure; everyone is going to want to see that beautiful ring your boyfriend (or future hubby) has carefully chosen for you. The question is, are your hands manicured and ready for an audience? Having the right manicure can complete the look that you want to execute on your special day.

Not every bride is the same, so we recommend choosing a manicure that fits your personality and bridal look best. Here are a few suggestions to help inspire you:
Brides with a vibrant personality will have fun making a colourful connection with their wedding. Feel free to experiment and have fun with it. Try matching your theme, bridesmaid dresses or the colour palette used in your décor.
Your "Something Blue"
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Photo Credit:  Nails
The simple, clean and classic look is timeless and elegant for the traditional bride. Not every day is your wedding day, which is why many brides stick to the neutral or light colours to ensure it looks bridal. One of the most popular styles for getting the perfectly polished look is a French manicure.
Glittering White French Manicure Design

Want to make a statement? Our edgy, trendy and modern brides want to try something new with a bold accent pattern or colour.
 Photo Credit for all: Pinterest
The wow factor can come from a pattern or design, but many of our brides want to stand out. After all, it is your big day, so why not use glitter, sparkles, metallic colours and shine to make that ring stand out even more.

Photo Credit (left) Ciate, (right) Pinterest

Thank you for reading and we hope that you find the bridal look best suited for you.

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