Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fall Is Just Around The Corner!

With summer sadly coming to an end, we get to cheer up again with the thoughts of a beautiful fall wedding complete with all the radiant colours and whimsical sights and smells that encompass this magical season. To really capture it's beauty, here are some ideas and tips on how to mesh the wonderful traditions of a wedding with the sensational season of fall.

With fall weddings it’s important to capture the beauty of nature, so having your photographer take pictures of the bouquets and leaves will make for beautiful pictures.

Fall is a cozy season, so why not embrace the moment and cuddle up next to your love with a blanket? Take a look at this adorable shot!

Hues of deep purples and burgundy are beautiful, but make them pop with light colours to compliment them. A beautiful white pumpkin with gorgeous florals arranged on top will grab your guests’ attention as an elegant centrepiece. 

Dress style
Even if it’s not cold outside just yet, a long sleeve dress always captures attention. It looks elegant and reflects the feeling of fall all at once.

In keeping with the warm and cozy feeling of fall, giving your guests party favours that reflect the season, such as family recipes or comfort items are always a hit. Check out these cute jars filled with apple cinnamon jam and apple cider mix!

Stay tuned for our next post!