Tuesday, 19 July 2016

10 of the Best Honeymoon Destinations

As we get closer and closer to the end of wedding season, all of our newlyweds are heading out on their honeymoons. Here are some of 2016’s best honeymoon destinations!

10.  Paris

We start of with one of the most timeless honeymoon destinations! Paris is known as the city of love. With its romantic setting and elegant foods, you can not go wrong by venturing out here after your wedding.

9. Bali

Bali is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world. With all the colours and culture that it has to offer, it is the perfect getaway for those looking for an adventure.

8. Bora Bora

If you are looking for beaches, beaches and more beaches, than this is the place to go. Also don’t forget the huts that sit just above the water. These crystal blue seas and white sandy beaches are perfect for a nice relaxing honeymoon.

7. Venice

This destination is all about beautiful buildings, gondolas and amazing food! If you are a foodie at heart, this would be the perfect place to take your new spouse. Don’t forget to enjoy a beautiful ride on the famous Venice gondolas!

6. Disney World

This destination is perfect for that couple that is still a kid at heart. With all of the different places to see and that hot Florida sun, this is a great place for those couples looking to have some fun. They don’t call it the happiest place on earth for nothing!


This is one destination that has a beautiful view. With mountains surrounding you and tons of trails for you to hike, this is perfect for the athletic couple.

4. Scotland

Looking for some good accents and beautiful land, Scotland is the place for you! Their culture is so enchanting and the stories of their land are extremely historic. Scotland holds the character you are looking for in a vacation.

3. Santorini, Greece

What a mesmerizing place to be. The gorgeous water and colourful buildings make an excellent backdrop for your honeymoon! Not to mention the delicious food that is known all over the world.

2. Rio De Janeiro

Rio is a beautiful place to visit, not only is South America stunning but it holds so much life. There are constantly festivals and music playing. The food is to die for and the beaches are breath taking! This has become a popular spot for couples to travel to!

1. Maui, Hawaii

Of course Hawaii is at the top of the list. There is nothing better than the people you will meet on this beautiful island. The celebrations and beaches are what makes this island special. Hawaii is also a great place to go to learn a new skill, such as surfing or hand gliding, with your new partner.

We hope one of these beautiful destinations is the perfect setting for your honeymoon!

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