Thursday, 22 January 2015

Top 3 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding should be a fun and enjoyable experience, however, often times, the details and decisions can turn the experience into an overwhelming process. There are countless decisions to make and they are all the more daunting for brides and grooms who are inexperienced with putting together such an event, whether it be an intimate gathering or a lavish affair. One of the best steps an engaged couple can take is to hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are no longer just for couples with unlimited budgets; they have become indispensable today to many brides and grooms, who just want to enjoy their day without the worry of something going weary.

Here are our top 3 reasons as to why hiring a wedding planner is the key to a successful wedding:

1         Save Your Sanity & Relationship:
It takes an average of 200 hours to plan a wedding. This does not leave you with much time to enjoy the actual process. Not only do you spend all this time worrying about the details that lead up to the big day, but on the wedding day, you are left to worry about all the minute details that are thrown your way. When hiring a wedding planner, you can rest assured that all those little DIY details that you found on your beloved Pinterest can be taken care of by a true professional, amongst all those other minor and major details you didn’t think of… but your planner did!

2     Save You Money
Overspending seems to be the brisk reality of planning a wedding.  Engaged couples don’t know what is the “right amount” to spend on certain aspects of the wedding and what should be omitted to save some cost.  By hiring a planner, couples can save a great deal of money. Planners are well versed at helping couples breakdown their wedding costs and helping them stick to that number. Planners also have relationships with all of the best vendors in the city, which also allows for them to negotiate some discounts for their couples. As well, many vendors will also throw in complimentary items when referred by a planner.

3    Save You From An Embarrassing Moment Or Disorganization
Unwanted situations tend to appear during the very important moments of the day. Wedding planners oversee the entire day from start to finish ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  They have experienced many different situations and are equipped to deal with anything that comes their way in a professional manner.  If anything goes weary, your planner will be there to guarantee smooth sailing and to help eliminate the stress you would have if a planner was not hired. Planners live and breath weddings, so their knowledge and expertise is what you can count on. 

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