Thursday, 6 March 2014

Catherine & Justin - Praise

Because of Michelle & Tamara at Fab Fete I was actually able to enjoy my entire wedding day, and was not worried about any details (which NEVER happens). From the very beginning They were great to work with. They listened to all of my ideas (even if they were extreme) and shared in the excitement of the planning process. They are extremely knowledgable of the industry and trends, and were able to provide insight and recommendations, and really went above and beyond in every way. 

I can remember my first crisis: personalized napkins, and emailing them right away. I can honestly say that they didn't only provide a solution - but multiple - and within a few hours everything had been resolved. It is this care and exceptional service that assured me everything was going to run smoothly on our wedding day - and it did. I think we went through 7 versions of our Wedding Itinerary and they never made me feel like I was 'high maintenance'. They met with me a few days prior to the wedding and even went through every single detail of the day one last time, just to ensure she knew exactly what my visions were. When I tell people that NOTHING went wrong on my wedding day, they ask 'How is that possible?"... and I tell them - "Fab Fete" - Catherine & Justin

January was a cold, bitter month weather wise for Torontonians, but on January 26th, the sun was sparkling and shining on the remarkable couple, Catherine and Justin. The two had no qualms taking pictures outside, along with their bridal party, and thanks to photographer, Brian Mosoff, were able to capture some unbelievable and breathtaking moments in the snow. 

The ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme spread to every aspect of the wedding: from the bride’s beautiful bouquet filled with white roses, to the georgous, tall centerpieces bursting with white flower arrangements and sparkling branches, all beautifully designed by Rachel Clingen.

Along with the bouquet and the centerpieces, other winter elements such as snowflakes, white-tipped pine cones and birch wood holders (made by the bride’s father!) were seen everywhere-on the table seating cards, the money box and strewn around as beautiful, yet subtle decoration.

Our favourite ‘Winter Wonderland’ piece- the yummy wedding favour: a wrapped cone filled with everything you need to make yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate, mini-marshmellows and all!

Finally, the DJ and MC from Digital did a fantastic job of getting all of the guests on the dance floor, to enjoy the incredible music. It might have been cold outside, but it was definitely warm and inviting inside the Royal Ambassador for Catherine and Justin’s Winter Wonderland Wedding!